The company operates a sawn-mill and a two timber processing factory;

KILANG KAYU LOHAN SDN BHD, our sawmill which is located at Ranau district. Our sawmill is equipped with modern machineries to meet our fast moving demand. On the other hand, we have also trained up to fifty skilful employees to ensure smooth production to satisfy our customers’ needs. Having to said that, our company are capable of producing 20 000m3 sawn timber per annum.


LUSERA SDN BHD, two sawn timber processing factory which is located at Tuaran district. KKIP, and the other in TELIPOK. Our company is leading up to over hundred skilful employees. In order to provide a wide variety of product and service to our customer, In KKIP, our company’s sawn timber processing factories are Equipped with modern moulding machines, laminating machines, finger joint machines, CCA treatment facility and 12 units of kiln dry chamber which can produce average 2000m3 of dry woods per month. In TELIPOK yard, the factories is base on the timber storage & loading purpose. with 17 Arces build up area & timber stock over 15000m3.

All timber from our Lohan Sawmill are process in the factory with modern control and scheduling techniques, sized and packaged to customer requirements.